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Wireless Acoustic Glass Break Detector



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The GEM-GB is an advanced wireless acoustic glass-break detector for use with all Gemini-Series control panels and receivers. Each transmitter has a unique RF ID code (printed on the sensor module and on the rear case) that distinguishes itself to the receiver. Refer to control-panel instructions for entering this code and its checksum digit into the panel. Be sure to enter all numbers and/or letters, including leading zeros, if any.

The detector is powered by two type DL123A 3-volt lithium batteries, which are factory installed. To energize the unit, simply install the supplied Power-Up Jumper across pins JP1 near the positive terminals of the batteries.


  • Superior-immunity to false alarms and excellent detection, even through blinds & light drapes.
  • Pattern Recognition Technology - recognizes the actual pattern of glass breaking across the full audio band.
  • 25' coverage radius with automatic test for easy installation.
  • Enduser hand clap sensor verification.
  • Includes lithium battery, tamper & mounting kit.

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